What is Business Transformation?

Good question. You’d think with the number of organizations that have newly formed Transformation offices, officers, Centers of Excellence, etc. that the answer would be fairly straightforward.

I see more and more companies and consulting organizations forming groups that focus on Transformation. I also see many organizations applying this title to what would have been a Strategic Initiatives Group or Project Management Office. I’m guessing that organizations rebrand existing or re-emerging groups as “transformational” because it sounds better; it has a nice ring indeed. But is this really business transformation?

Changing the organization and managing the change, usually through the identification and management of a portfolio of initiatives is not new, it is the same old thing with a new title. To be truly transformational, organizations need to fundamentally change the way they look at their enterprise. They need to change their lens through which they view opportunities and initiatives. They need a pair of process glasses.

Process and Transformation

Process is the fundamental concept that will elevate your strategic efforts to become truly transformational. To be transformational, you need a fundamental and substantial shift from the status quo. To do this, companies that have historically aligned around functional areas, now need to create a mechanism to view the enterprise through end-to-end business processes. It is through the evaluation and redesign of their business processes that organizations can achieve a fundamental shift to realize transformational results.images by jinx

So, what is Business Transformation exactly? In one word: everything. I know, this answer doesn’t help much, especially if you have just been appointed to lead a transformation effort in your organization. Let me be a little more specific, I define Business Transformation as a business management concept that includes a defined framework, methodology, and roadmap to fundamentally and substantially transform a business, to achieve financial or operational results. Apart from a process-focus it is imperative that transformation efforts include a defined and comprehensive methodology.

At Confiance we saw this need and developed The Confiance Transformation Framework (CTF). It is a comprehensive, structured approach to deliver business transformation. The Framework consists of four separate components: Design, Adoption, Governance, and Realization, each with defined methodologies. Together they form an iterative transformation roadmap to give an organization a prescribed approach for successful business transformation. In my next post I will further explore our framework.

Image by Jinx


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