As I think about the last decade of the US & other developed countries it has been based on FIRE (Finance Insurance Real Estate) Economy, which has resulted in current economic climate- debt, unemployment, etc.

This is in complete contrast to a country like India where massive transformation is taking place at all levels from infrastructure to economic to society. But this is requiring both private & public sector to apply a fundamental reset of their operating principles.

Businesses in the FIRE economy need comprehensive transformation to create & experience change in organization, this means  strategy, vision, people, process, technology all need to be addressed in end-to-end perspective. Sometime this requires us to go back to the drawing board understand where the organization currently stands and charting out a vision, a roadmap to the future. This requires patience, ability to envision the future, communicate & mostly importantly deliver the vision. Seems like a crisis or success are equally good drivers of transformation,  and there is no better time than now since institutions are experiencing both in great measures depending on which side they sit on.


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