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Intelligent Automation takes efficiency to the next level. Not just limited to simplified, repetitive or mundane tasks, Intelligent Automation, or IA, has the ability to handle higher level functions. This includes such things as analyzing and utilizing natural language, reasoning, and judgment in executing a business’ processes and system tasks.

Beyond a simple scenario of “when A happens, do B” IA can take into account multiple factors and utilize a greater depth of programmed information in order to work with context, and even establish the meaning of things and provide insight.

At Confiance, we see Intelligent Automation as a capability that helps organizations define the “operating model” for parts or all of its business. This is accomplished through a framework, set of capabilities, varying technology solutions and information assets that help humans and machines work to meet the objectives of organizations, governments, and society as a whole.



IA is aptly named. It is set up uniquely to match the needs of your business. It is set up with an understanding of your processes and variations, taking everything into account when automating tasks so that the correct outcome occurs. It can make intelligent decisions just as any employee would, utilizing dynamic information. It can be set up to “learn” based on an increasing data set. From the outset and with increasing accuracy, it can check various scenarios along the way, watch for errors or exceptions and then initiate an alternate action as needed.

As computing and software intelligence grows, industries ranging from credit and banking to healthcare and sales are employing IA. For example, a financial institution system can be established to monitor thousands of data sources and evaluate the information to identify risks that may otherwise have gone undetected.

Intelligent Automation is being used in everything from robotics and autonomous cars to cognitive computing and systems to control quality, efficiency, and business functionality.

Confiance IA Solutions

Our Intelligent Automation service combines decision making, machine learning, rules automation, enhances customer interaction and supplements the organization and knowledge worker to simplify, streamline, and automate self learning process and tasks.

We can provide IA to multiple industries to the end of predictable, stable expansion:

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • HR Operations

  • Strategy

  • Sales & Marketing

Conversational Agent Service

Whether you are looking to engage a customer, employee or partners, the breadth of conversation can be spread across multiple channels including in person, online, mobile or voice. The conversation can vary in scope from an inquiry, to conducting a transaction to providing a resolution to specific problems. With our conversational agent service our goal is to provide a seamless, interactive and thoughtful experience in the right user context. Our services include:

  • Chat bot development using Amazon Lex
  • Alexa enabled voice services
  • Financial Services Voice & Chat bots
  • Insurance Voice & Chat bots

Confiance Transformation NetworkSM (CTF)

Using our CTF we deliver our Intelligent Automation service as a set of distinct capabilities to deliver targeted business value and as an integrated service to improve decision making.


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