Process Based Execution

Simplified Execution

The repeatable ability to execute and integrate is key to the full realization of business process implementation and process improvement achievement. Depending on the improvement objectives, clients choose from a multitude of technologies, including BPMS (Business Process Management Software), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Business rules engines, and testing tools. See the Confiance Transformation Framework℠ applied to Process Based Execution.

At Confiance, using our Confiance Transformation Framework℠ (CTF), we provide a full lifecycle of services that cover everything from process execution to testing.


The challenge with ERP implementations is to ensure that these costly IT solutions actually represent the way a business operates at both functional and technical levels. This concept is well understood but rarely realized. Confiance delivers both a methodology and tools to support the implementation and governance of Process Driven ERP platforms such as SAP and Oracle to facilitate the realization of balanced functional and technical change in an ERP implementation.

Learn more about how a global manufacturing organization worked with Confiance to develop their Process Driven SAP implementation.

Confiance understands that process is the key asset for thoughtful, durable management systems. Our experience across multiple enterprise processes, industries, and information technologies accelerates your rate of implementation and reduces your risk — whether the organization is: (a) focused on deriving technology components, (b) harmonization of people, process, and technology, and/or (c) developing and executing underlying business rules.

Learn more about how we assisted a large financial services organization as they adopted Oracle’s SOA solution.

The nature of testing has changed from a modular to a process-oriented approach for both ERP or any other technology implementation. Confiance delivers a solution to enable process-oriented testing that encompasses a comprehensive set of choices for clients, including: creation of E2E processes, developing testing scenarios, creating test scripts, or related activities and deliverables.

Confiance applies tools such as ARIS and HPQC (HP Quality Center) to deliver this solution.

  • SOA Assessment – Confiance’s SOA assessment assists clients to establish an understanding of SOA’s business value for your organization, the relationship between business process and services, and the alignment of BPM, EA, and SOA programs in the company.
  • SOA Definition – Prior to any service orchestration, it is key to have either global or project definitions of services that align both with business process as well as technical capabilities.
  • SOA Orchestration – Business processes are realized through service realization and deployment of composite applications across multiple technology platforms.
  • SOA Governance – Effective SOA governance requires facilitation between business and IT as well as global and project-level oversight of business process, services, applications and infrastructure.

Let our team of experts guide you to dynamic solutions.


Let our team of experts guide you to dynamic solutions.