Intelligent Automation

Simplified Automation

Digitization may have started in the front, back office or any other part of your organization, but is no longer limited by things such as type of process, or the size of your organization. In fact, it now extends to how we look at the future of an organization, the role of labor and work within and outside, and finally, it covers the spectrum from shop floor to customer service to knowledge workers.

The focus is no longer just big bang automation which could take years to go from concept to realization, but to derive value from the existing investments in technology and operations through the digital journey.

All this comes together in the form of “Intelligent Automation”. We see intelligent automation as a capability that helps organizations define the “operating model” for parts or all of its business, through a framework, set of capabilities, varying technology solutions, information assets that help humans and machines work to meet the objectives of organizations, governments, and society as a whole.

Using our Confiance Transformation Framework℠ (CTF)  we deliver our Intelligent Automation service as a set of distinct capabilities to deliver targeted business value and as an integrated service to improve decision making.


Find out how RPA can significantly reduce expenses, boost the quality and accuracy of work, and empower your employees.


Organizations are still challenged with process that are either mostly manual, or tasks that are performed by humans that are in need of constant assistance of oversights. Additionally there are number of integration and interfacing challenges that companies have avoided because of costs, legacy technology and lack of skills and time consumed. Our RPA services can help you realize basic productivity gains to delivering a scalable virtual workforce. Our services include:

  • Task & Process Automation with Attended & Unattended Bots
  • Data Management – Input and Output Transmission
  • System Integration/Interfacing with RPA
  • Enterprise RPA Roadmap Development
  • Center of Excellence for Enterprise Automation Management
  • Virtual Workforce Planning

Whether you are looking to engage a customer, employee or partners the breadth of conversation can be spread across multiple channels from in person, online, mobile or voice. The conversation can vary in scope from enquiry, to conducting a transaction to providing resolution to specific problems. With our conversational agent service our goal is to provide a seamless, interactive and thoughtful experience in the right user context. Our services include:

  • Chat bot development using Amazon Lex
  • Alexa enabled voice services
  • Financial Services Voice & Chat bots
  • Insurance Voice & Chat bots

As industries continue the digitization journey, the focus turns to driving meaningful customer engagement, achieving operational efficiencies, and realizing revenue and innovation goals.

Our “intelligent automation service” combines decision making, machine learning, rules automation, enhances customer interaction and supplements the organization and knowledge worker to simplify, streamline, and automate self learning process and tasks.

Our services include:

  • Intelligent Automation Platform for Financial Services
  • Intelligent Automation Platform for Insurance
  • Intelligent Automation Platform for HR Operations
  • Intelligent Automation Platform for Strategy
  • Intelligent Automation Platform for Sales & Marketing

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