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Simplified IT Architecture

Well-designed buildings require architects to ensure the materials, foundation, and functionality are structurally sound and meet the requirements of the occupants. Organizations are exactly like buildings, in that sound organizations have enterprise architects to proactively plan and balance the competing pressure points of your environment in a functional and pleasing structure. As organizations grow with new products, acquisitions, lines of business, functional and geographic responsibilities — it is critical that the enterprise has a fluid architectural plan with sustained innovation and successful changes to business processes, information technologies, and infrastructures.


At Confiance we use our Confiance Transformation Framework℠ (CTF) to provide a full lifecycle of EA services that ease the management and support of organizations so they learn from the past, manage effectively in the present, and plan for future success. Enterprise Architecture and the organization’s enterprise architects become a comprehensive source of truth for the enterprise.


Understanding the capability and associated outcomes through our EA Assessment provides valuable insight into building a successful internal EA practice that can deliver to the organization’s objectives. Whether you are looking to embark on digital transformation, adopt Hybrid IT models, deliver value through better business engagement, it is critical to gain insight to the current state and establish a target state of the organization and roadmap to get there.

Our assessment could be the first step for an organization that is trying to mature its IT organization in the area of business engagement, IT solution delivery, and operations management.

Good design means a robust framework, comprehensive artifacts- tools & templates, strong operating principles and robust processes. This allows an organization to meet objectives such as:

  • Plan for IT M&A activities
  • Establish good design patterns for cloud platforms
  • Design for Hybrid IT operations
  • Business Architecture Design
  • Transparency from Strategy to Infrastructure

To support these objectives and more we deliver design that includes industry neutral, industry specific design methods that includes frameworks, pre-built methods, architecture design templates, operating model principles and last but not least best in class content that will allow you to go from design to realization in weeks and months, not years.

Most of the time EA programs and organizations do a good job to design, but the effort folds under its own weight because of the heavy handed nature of implementation. In the current environment there are a few factors that make the implementation of architecture and engineering successful such as: ability to affect business change, bring stability to IT operations, make IT lean and agile, and finally simplify and digitize the EA experience.

Some of the objectives our EA implementation allows you to achieve are:

  • Deliver IT solutions which are timely, reasonable and pragmatic
  • Realize IT M&A
  • Design for Hybrid IT operations
  • Realize benefits of Application Portfolio Management
  • Innovate through Digital platforms
  • Rationalize Business Capabilities
  • Cloud Planning & Migration

To support these objectives and more we deliver implementation solutions that include best practices and outcomes, analysis and insights that help you meet your objectives without having to reinvent the wheel.

Learn more about more how we worked with a Fortune 500 CPG organization to help implement and drive value from EA.

To sustain the discipline of architecture & engineering it is important ensure that all organizations understand reason behind establishing and implementing EA. AT the same the organization structure needs to be in place to manage the gains made by architecture & engineering,

Our EA adoption & governance service can you help your realize the following objectives such as:

  • Establishing and running ARB (Architecture Review Board)
  • Measures & Metrics to manage EA
  • IT Strategy Alignment

To achieve successful realization of EA goals, we deliver a comprehensive solution to address all aspects including change management, communication tools and techniques, and education with classroom, virtual, and eLearning alternatives.

Learn more about more how we worked with a Global Pharma organization to help train, communicate and adopt EA.


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