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The continued transformation in enterprise IT from “a command & control model ” to “IT as a service” has given rise to trends such as – BYOD, cloud and the continued proliferation of mobile devices with varying platforms. With multiple endpoints, the enterprise faces challenges around security, collaboration, compliance, and visibility to name a few. At Confiance, we have partnered with the industry leading platform and service – Druva, to deliver a scalable, secure and compliant enterprise endpoint backup solution.


Implementing an endpoint backup solution in the enterprise raises fundamental questions that are no different when adopting any other cloud service; however, for services such as end-point backup, it becomes apparent that numerous aspects need to be evaluated prior to consuming and realizing these services.

  • What should our deployment strategy be?
  •  How many packages should we develop?
  •  How many profiles to create?
  • Which IT business process will be impacted?
  • Who needs to be trained?
  •  Is the organization ready for self-service? If yes, what type of adoption technique can you apply?
  • Is the enterprise ready for backup as a service?
  • Is the enterprise data secure in the cloud?
  • How will initial load be handled? Can it be optimized?
  •  What are the optimal SLA’s & OLA’s for the enterprise?
  •  What are the test case and test scenarios that will need to be developed to meet legal/compliance & general business requirements?
  •  What are the requirements/process and procedures to be compliant with legal regulations & e-discovery?

Our Solution & Approach

Operational endpoint backup solution –architected to work for your enterprise in weeks not years with a focus on adoption, aimed to maximize enterprise use cases.


  •  Take the guess work out of your service realization by applying a proven Enterprise Cloud adoption framework & methodology.
  •  Proven Reference architecture that can be tailored to suit your enterprise needs
  •  Pre-Defined Deployment methodology, Test Plans, Service introduction plans, Training Plan and Operational Run book
  •  Pre-Build deployment packages (Mass Deployment Code Set) that can be tailored to your specification – Reduce time and cost
  •  Realization Meter – Deployment Tracker

Life Science Infrastructure PlaaS A qualified GxP infrastructure design & Implementation service, which adheres to regulatory guidelines.

Infrastructure as a Service Complete Service offering focused on Design to realization of IaaS.

Endpoint Backup Service with Druva End point backup solution –architected to work for your enterprise.


Let our team of experts guide you to dynamic solutions.


Let our team of experts guide you to dynamic solutions.


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