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Business Process Management is both a strategic and tactical opportunity for organizations. Depending on the purpose, BPM can be applied by organizations to focus and meet such diverse objectives as: achieve predictable and scalable operations, improve organizational and functional alignment with strategy, mitigate a wide range of competitive and regulatory risks and more. View the diagram to see the Confiance Transformation Framework℠ applied to Business Process Management.

At Confiance using our Confiance Transformation Framework℠ (CTF) we provide a full lifecycle of BPM services which covers everything from defining a process strategy to executing that strategy with a holistic view and implementation across through people, processes, and technologies.

Confiance believes that our partners play a critical role in the success of our customers. We work closely with industry-leading technology and service partners to provide a holistic solution to our clients.


Business Process Management (BPM) is a term that means different things to different stakeholders in an organization. It is a capability and opportunity leaders in every organization would like to exploit — but have challenges in understanding how to get the program started, implemented, and sustained. To support this objective, we deliver a BPM capability roadmap that includes detailed components aligned to a timeline sequence to successfully develop a mature BPM capability within and across an organization.

Learn more about how a Global Pharmaceutical organization worked with Confiance to develop their BPM roadmap.

Many organizations are looking to establish “business process management” as a competency within their enterprise. There are different means to achieve this end, and it is critical to not reinvent the wheel — there are well-defined criteria, tools, methods, and organizational resources required to implement this capability. Why? To execute as planned and to facilitate the adoption and integration of BPM within the existing dynamics of the organization. To support this objective, we work with clients to develop and deliver a tailored Business Process Management Capability solution that provides a step-by-step approach to establish and ensure widespread adoption of BPM capability.

Organizations are functionally oriented, leading to structural and behavioral actions within their vertical silos. it is important to take an end-to-end (horizontal) perspective beyond the traditional functional boundaries and establish an enterprise management system to sustain business process improvement. We deliver a holistic approach with a structured BPI methodology complete with tools, templates and best practices to support any process improvement goal.

Learn more about how a CPG organization worked with Confiance to identify over $40 million worth of opportunities in the supply chain.

Key elements for successful governance involve organizational and governing structures which include refinements or new roles for process owners, business architects, enterprise architects, and Centers of Excellence. To assist clients in making this challenging, critical transition we deliver a structured and scientific model for Business Process Governance that is scalable and covers: roles, responsibilities and recommended organizational structures to interact successfully within and across existing boundaries.

Learn more about how a Global Pharmaceutical organization worked with Confiance to develop their Business Process Governance Model.

At its heart, BPM is all about change – by people who by their very nature are resistant to changing behaviors. We deliver a Business Process Adoption solution that preserves innovative ideas and investments and encompasses the areas of change management, communication, and education. Our Business Process Adoption solution includes: coaching to ensure selected tools and methods to support the process lifecycle are used appropriately; people are trained and capable of functioning in the new responsibilities; and appropriate process metrics are defined and measured.

Learn more about how one of the largest government organizations worked with Confiance to develop a customized solution to drive adoption of their business process management initiative.


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