RPA as a Service: RPA Platform Management


The RPA market continues to mature and gain traction, but at the same it continues to become more confusing with different types of automation technologies and vendors entering the space. The RPA technologies, like all other types of technologies, consists of broad, pure play capabilities and specialized capabilities. The capabilities can be classified as comprehensive RPA platform, front-end RPA, desktop automation, ERP-focused RPA, IT automation and others.

As the market and technology evolution continues, it is important to pick the right technologies, the best use case and deliver the appropriate ROI to your business. Most organizations over a period will evolve to a multi-vendor RPA and automation strategy, which means best in class tools for the appropriate business processes and service delivery.

In some cases, it will be an amalgamation of varying capabilities to address the business challenges through automation technologies, such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) + RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) + Conversation Interfaces (Chat, Voice) + Machine Learning and other such complementary capabilities.  

The ability to access these capabilities and integrate them with appropriate data and platforms, all while operating them in the right business context and an integrated framework, ensure that intelligent automation paradigms delivers the expected value.

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