Keep Employees Happy and Retain Your Workforce with Automation

Keep Employees Happy and Retain Your Workforce with Automation

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Completing repetitive tasks often leads to boredom and can cause employees to quit their job. According to a 2017 Smartsheet survey, more than 40 percent of respondents said they spend at least 25 percent of their work on manual, repetitive tasks. Boredom leads to fatigue, low performance, distraction and silly mistakes. The monotony of answering emails and entering data may have workers looking for greener pastures, especially if there are little opportunities to work on fulfilling projects.

One of the best things a company can do to keep employees satisfied and interested in their work, is to automate mundane, repetitive tasks with robotic process automation (RPA). Cutting down on the amount of tedious work for a staff member can immediately boost work performance and happiness. From accounting and payroll to human resources and onboarding staff, expediting these tasks through automated systems frees up time for employees to focus on other tasks they enjoy. It will also compel workers to stay with the company longer.

The survey showed that 65 percent of workers use some type of automation in their daily work, and 68 percent said they work in a department that’s moving toward automating more day-to-day work. Nearly 90 percent of respondents said that automation makes them more efficient and productive, and 78 percent said that automation would allow them to “spend more time on interesting aspects of their job.”

Implementing RPA is a great time to offer training in different roles they would like and give more responsibilities. Customizing processes that fit the talent of your team is even better. Don’t let your staff get bored. Upskilling your staff so they take on new responsibilities shows that you are invested in employees and their long-term growth with the company, ultimately improving workplace morale.

Additionally, intelligent automation technology helps employees flag issues in the system, document customer interaction, analyze data and recommend resolutions in a matter of minutes. When workers are able to easily identify recurring problems in the system, they can let managers know where improvements need to be made and simplify the overall work experience.

A growing number of employees believe that automation can benefit their organization through increased productivity and reduced human error. Enabling employees to take on more meaningful and strategic tasks creates an enjoyable and motivated work environment. In today’s workforce, companies that embrace automation will keep employees longer and happier. More importantly, customer outcomes will improve as employee engagement increases.

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