As organizations work towards process orientation, they find themselves asking the following questions:

  • How do I leverage all my existing assets?
  • What are some best practices that I can use?
  • What does the end of this journey look like?

Based on our experience and expertise we have developed a set of accelerators to improve time-to-value, improve ROI, and assist organizations in formulating their process vision.



As organizations undertake steps to understand and apply processes in their organizations, one of the key challenges is how to leverage the organization’s existing assets. To leverage these assets they need to be expeditiously transformed and applied to accelerate the success of an initiative. We provide the following services:

  • Process Profiling for SAP
  • Process & Architecture Conversion

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Most organizations are constantly challenged with reinventing themselves; however, most vendors offer “square peg into round hole” tools and guidance with rigid automation solutions. More frightening are BPM “leaders” offering theoretical and unproven concepts hoping you will take a bet – not wise in today’s competitive landscape.

The Confiance Transformation Framework℠ integrates the conceptual idea of transformation based on principles of BPM/EA with technology you can implement. We realize that change management is the key to quantifiable and sustained success, and isn’t worth pounding your organization into a vendor’s ’round peg’ answer or a voice from the BPM wilderness offering you the chance to be first. Contact us to learn more.

Business Process Management (BPM) is a term that means different things to different stakeholders in an organization. It is a capability and opportunity leaders in every organization would like to exploit but face challenges and uncertainty in understanding how to get this critical program designed and implemented. To support this objective, we deliver a BPM capability roadmap that includes detailed components and sequencing to facilitate steady maturation of BPM within an organization. Contact us to learn more.

The biggest challenge for any process-based project is demonstrating tangible benefits that can be realized and understood by the various stakeholders in the organization. Our experience with clients led us to develop real-life expertise in the quantification of process value. To learn more about more how you can apply this to your BPM initiatives contact us.

Change is hard, and resistance to change or unrealistic change expectations are common impediments to process adoption in organizations. Some of the challenges that organizations face are: the process goals are set to high, and at the same time they are underprepared to fully commit resources to work on the organizational change. To facilitate realistic goal setting, and to ensure roadblocks are anticipated and eliminated, our Maturity Assessment identifies transformation issues and recommends action plans. Confiance delivers a comprehensive assessment solution as the foundation to sustainable transformation. Contact us to learn more.

SAP implementations are complex and struggle to succeed – among other things – because IT, rather than business leaders own process design and change. A comprehensively designed BPM Lifecycle ensures that your company will follow a process-driven system implementation methodology. Well-defined business processes provide a clear strategy for the technical design and implementation phase where they provide a foundation for organizational gap analysis, system testing, security roles and profile, and process-based training. The process-oriented methodology ensures that operational and strategic processes are aligned with your strategy framework to support effective performance monitoring of the implemented processes and to identify improvement potentials for the continued success of your company’s process excellence.


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