Redefining IT Service Delivery Models

Every organization is able to apply cloud tools & techniques in pockets either through SaaS ( Software as a Service) or point IT solutions. But somehow the enterprise IT finds it challenging to truly go beyond successful pilots and use cases.

I believe some of the reasons that are preventing organizations from moving forward include – an ability to think in abstract aka logical composition, continuing to operate in hardware centric disciplines, command & control structures, manual intensive siloed processes & responsibilities.

The true scale & promise in the cloud comes from delivering converged IT services while promoting the notion of self service and principles of IT consumerization.

In order to make cloud thinking a part of DNA, a number of changes need to be made in the enterprise.

  • Service delivery models needed to be built on the DevOps philosophy to encourage development and IT operations to work together increasing collaboration and streamlining the development process.
  • IT needs to be organized vertically as single team such that it can monitor and administer entire stack and more importantly accountable for service delivery.
  • Embrace a software defined world-data center thinking that needs to extend beyond servers and other parts of IT.

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