Optimizing Human Resources with Artificial Intelligence

When considering artificial intelligence, it wouldn’t seem that HR departments would be the most innovative area for those types of technologies, whereas it is actually emerging as a revolutionary technology. The area of any company that implements the solutions to set attrition and retention rates for the company is an altogether human one.

Now, HR can incorporate the juncture of both digital and human elements and learn how to capitalize upon the benefits of artificial intelligence. From the moment that employees discover your open job applications until they are with you for years, artificial intelligence can work hand in hand with HR to make processes more efficient and open time for focusing on other areas of company and employee development.

Optimizing the hiring process

JIM (Jobs Intelligence Maestro) is an example of how virtual bots can be used to screen candidates, a time-consuming task. For industries with jobs with a high volume—in this case, wealth planning managers—JIM significantly shortened the screening time for candidates and improved the rate of completed applications. Recruiters were also able to respond to most candidate inquiries through the system, freeing up more time. Among other improvements, this allowed recruiters to convey more about the culture and mission of the companies with the potential candidates, a direct example of how humans and artificial intelligence can work together.

Enhancing employee engagement

In order to improve the employee experience in human resource, it’s important to meet employees where they are. It won’t be apparent in all areas where employees are unhappy with the company. An HR bot helps to field questions about certain systems and programs within the company, and provide a private space to address employee concerns.

In addition, implementing surveys via an intelligent tool will ensure that answers will never be associated with names. You can also continue to use the tool for years to come, eliminating the need to find another intelligent solution to use in improving the employee experience at your company. 

Developing educational initiatives 

eLearning analytics can indicate the efficacy of educational initiatives throughout the company. Especially in HR, where employee development is an integral part of the department’s mission, employees can easily view their progress within eLearning systems, as well as capitalize on the ability of AI to provide smart learning content in the form of a digital curriculum across different devices. Based on individual learning patterns, AI can also provide analysis that optimizes learning for employee needs. 

Moving forward with artificial intelligence in HR

Detecting anomalies within the system is important, and freeing up time for human resources employees to focus on other areas of the department, such as more directly engaging with employees and candidates, and contributing to more high-value programs within the company. 

Learn more about how you can implement programs that will benefit your HR department.

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