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Observations from Center of Enterprise Architecture (CEA) 2015 Annual Meeting

The CEA which runs out of Penn State University, held its annual meeting in May and there were a couple of key observations relating to the discipline of Enterprise Architecture. With participants from across various industries, scale, experiences and expertise, some of the key items that stood out were:

The business architecture discussion reinforced some of the following findings:

  • Business architecture succeeds most when it is out of the shadows of IT based enterprise architecture
  • The organization & people are directly responsible for success of the program
  • Business architecture models are used to drive portfolio thinking, symbols to make key statements

The cloud computing discussion resulted in the following observations:

  • EA will need to be more of a broker manager than it has been in the traditional IT environment
  • Seems like the last mile – which is moving the business/ERP capabilities is the most challenging and the last domino to move to the cloud
  • There is a need for a comprehensive framework to help organizations to assess and realize cloud solutions as it relates to ERP/legacy solutions

Other topics covered included: security and risk, education and career paths, and disciplines that intertwined with Enterprise Architecture

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