May 2013

Welcome to the Confiance Cloud issue of the Confiance Newsletter!

This month’s newsletter is a special edition – we are both focused on both cloud computing and announcing our Cloud Broker Services.

Included in this edition are two resources for you to download: a free Forrester report titled “Onboard the Business to Your Cloud Strategy” and one of our case studies, “Learn How Implementing IaaS Addressed Business & IT Challenges” for a major corporation.  You also can read our Cloud Overview article, and a brief summary of our Cloud Brokerage Services backed by our in-depth BPM and EA experience and already developed templates and processes to accelerate your transition to the Cloud.  Finally, we add a personal touch with an interview of Navin Maganti, President of Confiance, to gain his perspectives on business transformation and Cloud services.

Main Articles

Forrester Report                                      IaaS  Case Study

Complimentary Forrester Report– Onboard the business to your cloud strategy.
Iaas Case Study -Learn how implementing IaaS addressed business & IT challenges.



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