January 2015


Driving Enterprise Business Process Architecture and Standardized Processes

casestudy2015Many companies spend time and resources on achieving both an enterprise business process architecture and standardizing as much of their processes globally as possible. This drive towards standardized processes and a process oriented focus happens for several reasons. Looking at the work done at one of the largest companies in the oil field services industry can give us a glimpse into some of the reasons this is occurring.

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Process Excellence for System Implementation at a leading science & manufacturing enterprise

iBPMThe client, a science company, has been engaged in process and system design to ensure a process-oriented system implementation and is moving into system roll out and go-live. Post go-live, the requirement is to continue the process-centric journey and utilize an automated continuous improvement approach to ensure that the implemented process, system, data and organization framework remains visible, valid and adaptable. The design of the continuous improvement process included submitting, evaluating and approving change proposals based on an integrated process and roles structure; what this means is that any change proposal is required to be evaluated against impact on process, system, and data and will be reviewed by the respective owners.

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Cloud Application Federation Framework (CAFÉ™)

cloud-servicesEnterprises are typically quick to adopt and realize cloud computing benefits associated with SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions; however, when it comes to enterprise IT or establishing cloud as part of the larger strategy – the movement is somewhat measured. The enterprise needs to feel assured that they are not going down a road less traveled. In order to address the challenges experienced by the enterprise and drive cloud adoption, we have developed the Cloud Application Federation Framework (CAFÉ ™). The purpose of the framework is to organize decision makers and stakeholders into thinking about concerns and aspirations of cloud computing, tools and technology. The goal of the framework is to facilitate the decision maker’s view of cloud adoption from multiple stakeholders’ perspectives and enterprise context.

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