January 2013

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Chemicals Industry: as you are reading this article you are surrounded by products and materials that started as raw materials provided by the chemical industry.  Plastics, and their related materials, are in our offices, automobiles, homes, and throughout our daily lives.  As you would expect, their sales performance tends to track the overall manufacturing sector fairly closely.  In our case, we exclude pharmaceutical companies from definition of the chemical industry.  For a closer look at the pharma industry sector, please read our September 2012 newsletter.

America is a major source of chemical industry output, and with the increase in shale oil exploration and recovery, chemical manufacturers located in the US enjoy cost advantages over many other regions.  In certain cases, companies are closing or ramping down manufacturing locations in other regions and opening or expanding production capacity in the US.   So, while the R&D divisions continue to consume large annual investments in search of new materials and markets, chemical industry CEOs must also be agile in making capital expenditures to achieve competitive operating margins.  How to navigate and lead large, global, complex enterprises in the midst of shifting sources and costs of raw materials, high energy costs, increasing regulatory and social agenda pressures?

In this issue you will find another in our continuing series of “Are You in the Top Quartile” industry articles.  We also included a relevant Chemicals industry case study to illustrate how a client is applying strategic Business Process Management techniques to manage change in their large, global organization.  We interviewed one of our chemicals industry consultants who also was our Confiance 4Q12 Employee of the Quarter.  And, we included a special offer to address your BPM training requirements and an opportunity for some free Business Transformation scorecard advice.

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