Is your enterprise ready for the Cloud?

You’ve been testing various cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google & other cloud infrastructure and application services.  Pockets of the organization have selected some SAAS vendors for their business needs.

The organization has also bought into the notion that they are ready to adopt cloud, so what’s next? There are many considerations at this point, which include:

Five essential characteristics of cloud computing: 

  • What is your cloud strategy?
  • Selecting a cloud platform, and why! 
  • Shortlist a few technology CLM vendors (Cloud Lifecycle Management) 
  • What are the true costs and benefits
  • What about security and compliance?
  • Should we go with a private cloud, public or some hybrid alternative?

These questions are typically just the initial list — these and many more questions need to be cohesively answered to get the enterprise moving effectively with a sustained use of the Cloud.

I call it the ‘Cloud Realization Strategy’. It needs to be comprehensive in nature and is able to ease the visualization of the cloud strategy – conceptualize the enterprise cloud and the actions required to make it operational. 

Over time the enterprise will need to build & interact with multiple cloud platforms, and a multitude of use cases need to be answered to address all variations of cloud types – public, private, and industry need to be considered   

Our experience in applying the ‘cloud realization strategy” has led us to develop few key ground rules:

  • Pace of cloud adoption is directly tied to the organization’s readiness and maturity
  • Keep the service catalog simple and consumable from Day 1 
  • The Cloud is the foundation of a new service delivery model. 
  • Last but not least: actions, processes and procedures need to reflect the new service delivery model.

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