Iaas, a Perspective

Iaas, a Perspective

At a recent meeting we were discussing cloud and related capabilities like IaaS, Dbaas, Analytics and one of the comments was that the enterprise is investigating capabilities like Azure, AWS, EMC and others and that might be sufficient for the enterprise to realize the cloud journey. That raises the question; does the enterprise just pick a broker, price the cloud service, automate and move?

Let’s explore IaaS and understand what the scenario requires to be successful in the enterprise. First some of the easy parts…

  • Need to narrow down a bunch of service providers – AWS, Azure, Terramark, Savvis
  • Pick a technology vendor – CSB (cloud service brokers), CLM (Cloud life cycle management tools)
  • Automate your services

Now for the same challenging parts…

  • What does the enterprise truly need? – public, private, hosting options or all of them?
  • The current maturity & capability of your IT organization?
  • Can your organization support these capabilities like your business has come to expect and use?
  • What about the existing assets, how does one handle them in the new environments?
  • Considerations for ancillary yet integral services – back up, recovery, storage?
  • Your organization is comfortable with changing from a Capex heavy to Opex heavy IT model
  • Security, compliance, and regulations can never be ignored and specifically in the context of every enterprise this holds a differing meaning

Of-course every enterprise has its varying challenges that are dependent on the industry it is part of, the phase the enterprise is in – growth, sustainment, strategy – acquisition, organic growth and others.


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