Following an enterprise architecture and transformation cycle

Following an enterprise architecture and transformation cycle

Digital transformation, business transformation and enterprise architecture are often talked about as separate strategic avenues to improving a business, but they actually work best when they work with one another in a never-ending cycle.

Digital transformation is often seen as an IT department’s initiative; however, this is far from the truth. Digital transformation is business transformation using technology. The business’s goals are met with the assistance of digitized processes and new technologies.

Enter enterprise architecture. Its framework maps out the constraints and opportunities, costs and benefits, and risks and value for the business as it meets its current goals and looks to its future goals, all while keeping every facet of the business in mind. This virtual map allows the architect to trace any problems to their causes and take steps to solve those problems.

This process within the enterprise architecture saves time and money for the business because it is strategic instead of reflexive. It simplifies the process of finding the best solutions to various problems, which can lead back to business transformation, completing the cyclical pattern. The solutions themselves may be new digital solutions, which lead to digital and business transformation, and ensure the business can compete in the highly competitive digital landscape.

The cycle continues as the business grows, expands and improves its processes, refining not only the enterprise architecture itself, but also the transformation solutions utilized by the business. As a result, the entire business is transformed, allowing new strategies to be developed for continual improvement.

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