Evolving Enterprise Architecture – Part 2

Use cases

What are some of the new challenges that face the enterprise? We face a brave new world in business – where agility, disruption, new markets and services are not plans on 3 to 5 year horizons rather they are here, now, and are leaving enterprises that don’t act fast in the dust.

A few common scenarios from both the business and IT perspectives:

Irrespective of the industry the business is driving towards

  • Gain insights & predicting outcomes for products/services
  • Create and deliver as-a-service capabilities to marketplace
  • Surviving and succeeding in a digital world
  • Integrate and divest assets

Similarly, IT is driving towards

  • Establish flexible & agile IT operating models
  • Build and operate enterprise platforms- mobility, cloud, big data
  • Delivering enterprise IT services in a digital world

Some challenges are new… some old wine in new bottles… most stakeholders remain the same except that the external actors have taken a prominent and active place in the lifecycle of the enterprise. The enterprise is becoming more customer centric and needs a dynamic enterprise architecture function by its side.
There are a multitude of vendors/partners in the marketplace who are ready to partner with the business and take its place and role.

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