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There is a lot of focus on the technology aspects of the Cloud and the game-changing potential for enterprises. Disappointingly, there is far less discussion on how the deployment of Cloud IT infrastructure and applications affect an organization’s human capital.

When we think about the Cloud we understand it drives changes at multiple levels in the enterprise- people, process and technology.

The Technology dimension of Cloud adoption is tangible and becoming increasingly well understood. Less well understood are some of the challenges associated with adopting cloud services, which include: integration, usability, compliance and security. These challenges are particularly critical in certain industries, particularly Pharma. One overlooked aspect that is key for enterprise adoption is the organization’s ability to effectively support and manage the cloud solutions post-deployment to drive utilization and adoption.

Process is quite an interesting element of the necessary changes associated with Cloud deployments. Relatively few enterprises have focused on specific process-related considerations, leaving most organizations with a blank playbook for pre and post Cloud services adoption. For instance, how does an enterprise know what enterprise process changes to make in business processes and operations when today they have only a sketchy understanding of their enterprise architecture and business process maturity. Defining and developing a successful Cloud adoption strategy must include both the unique Cloud-related best practices for process change and the organization’ s enterprise process on-the-ground reality. As the process implications of Cloud adoption are less well understood, we believe there is a need for an in-depth review and re-think on how to incorporate the best of Cloud services and business process improvement.

The People dimension of an enterprise is often largely ignored as well, and usually lags any IT adoption initiative. We believe the impact on human capital with Cloud adoption should be understood as part of the initial strategy formation, and requires more attention. Technology and process can definitely be elements of moving an organization to a more competitive and agile performance profile. To ensure the people in the organization are able to realize the potential of the desired changes, other aspects such as training and education, robust internal communications, and active engagement by the organization’s leadership are all required to fully realize the potential of these new capabilities.

A properly integrated Cloud adoption initiative must address the technology, process, and people interlocking elements to be successful. When properly harmonized, these three elements unlock the Enterprise to truly deliver on all of its Service capabilities and move rapidly on the path to continuous transformation.

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