IaaS (Infastructure as a Service)

Case Studies

A specialty biopharmaceutical company, engaged in the research and development, manufacture, sale, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The Challenge

Having grown from multiple merger and acquisition events, our client faced multiple challenges on both the business and IT fronts including:

  • Business required to dynamically scale up and down due to market demands and the company’s desired growth strategy
  • Complex IT operations made activities such as configuration, provisioning, and service delivery excessively time consuming
  • Average provisioning time of a server was roughly 6 weeks
  • Inefficient resource usage and high investment in dedicated physical infrastructure, resulting in sub-optimized shared-resources
  • Challenges in dynamic resource scaling and integration activities

The Approach

Deliver the Vision by Building the Model in Phases

The Solution

Develop and deploy a seamlessly supported public/ private cloud and integrate with a company-owned facility (Hybrid Infrastructure) that also includes disaster-recovery capability.

  • Infrastructure services able to consume and/or prescribe services securely inside and outside a defined Data Center.
  • Data Center capabilities designed to scale up/down based on actual workload characteristics.
  • Maximize the use of virtualization across all layers for greater efficiency.

The Benefits

  • All Applications, Environments, and Servers aligned to the new IAAS model & service catalog
  • Re-Architecture playbook produced with all applications and servers in scope with dependencies and operational context across a specific timeline with identified re-architecture opportunities
  • Over 40 % of applications and 65% of servers migrated to IaaS Cloud Service
  • Decommissioned over 20% of applications, 16% of the servers, and 240 databases
  • Developed target profile and tiers to match IAAS model
  • Workload analyzed and all applications/servers sized or resized per the target state

The Deliverables

  • Established complete IAAS delivery framework including:

  • Completed Reference Architecture

  • Established Infrastructure foundation through Vblock, netbackup, data domain and network elements

  • Defined Infrastructure Standards

  • Documented, tested and delivered platform that was accepted by QA & Compliance – critical ‘must-haves’ in the Pharma industry

  • Defined Cloud Computing Service Catalog: Gold, Silver, and Bronze business-driven SLAs

  • Operational Readiness and Service transition: Processes, Web Platform Documents (WPDs), and technical training


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