Enterprise Architecture in the Defense Industry

Case Studies

Confiance assisted a global defense company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defense, security and aerospace systems successfully to develop shared processes and synergies for its 105,000 employees worldwide.

Confiance enabled the client to gain visibility across common process definitions and create a shared enterprise architecture (EA) repository with one language. Confiance used its expertise in EA to create a comprehensive solution that would meet both the client’s global and regional needs.

The Challenge

The client had a global business that needed to meet multiple regional and government requirements for development lifecycles. This created a unique challenge for the client to demonstrate it had the correct processes and regional frameworks in place throughout its organization to properly meet the needs of multiple jurisdictions and governments.

The Solution

Confiance identified the unique process development challenges of this global defense company and developed a customized EA solution which included put- ting map defense frameworks such as JCIDS and ISBM into a common meta-model within a shared repository. By creating a shared architecture repository with one language, Confiance enable the client to promote knowledge sharing throughout its global community while still allowing autonomy to relate views to regional needs and requirements.

The Result

As a result of the shared architecture developed by Confiance, the client gained visibility across all common process definitions. This quickly led to the company’s ability to speak in a common, global architecture language which promoted the sharing of best practices and ideas across its global community. In addition to sharing common standards and capabilities, the defense company is now able to maintain traceability of its regional requirements and more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of its customers.


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