End Point Backup – Druva

Case Studies

A specialty biopharmaceutical company, engaged in the research and development, manufacture, sale, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The Challenge

Being in a highly regulated industry our client needed to mitigate challenges faced with data and document retention to satisfy legal and compliance requirements all while delivering a sustainable end point service to meet current and future business needs. This included:

  • Satisfying the enterprise mandate for infinite data retention & recovery.
  • Productivity: IOS device backup capability is becoming a must have both from a legal and business productivity point of view.
  • Technological Sophistication: The current backup solution(s) employed was not designed to handle end-point backup complexities.
  • Mobility: Users are becoming increasingly mobile, endpoint backup needs to cater to the dynamic and unpredictable online/offline schedules of the mobile workforce while maintaining security & legal guidelines.
  • Capacity: Exploding storage demands and bandwidth limitations continued to impede the ability to service business needs on time.
  • Ease of Use: Users expect non-intrusive backup and recoverability.
  • E-Discovery:
    • Function that allows easy e-discovery for compliance, federated search & support of legal hold.
    • Self-service capability to control the collection & preservation of data in scope without intervention from operation.

Key Deliverables

Implementation and rollout of enterprise wide endpoint services (Druva) including:

  • Druva deployment per global region – packaged, tested & deployed to meet country specific laws.
  • Deliver End point service Reference Architecture & Standards.
  • Solution to de-associate existing backup solution – documented, tested & deployed.
  • Documented, tested and delivered end point service that was accepted by QA & Compliance – critical must-haves’ in the Pharma industry.
  • Operational Readiness and Service transition: Processes & Procedures, Working Practice documents (WPDs), and role based training.

The Solution

Select and deploy an enterprise wide endpoint service – approx 6,500 users with a max of 25,000 devices (Druva) across the global footprint

  • Enable laptops & IOS devices to backup globally across multiple business units.
  • Integration with Global End user computing program.
  • Enablement of authentication & data loss prevention.
  • De-association of existing enterprise backup capabilities.


  • Satisfy the business, legal & compliance requirements.
  • Create the foundation for global, consistent IOS backup.
  • Streamline costs by eliminating multiple backup solutions (Autonomy,shared drive, etc.)
  • Deploy one solution that supports multiple IOS – desktop, laptop, mobile.
  • Improved ability to recover end user data during site disasters.


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