eLearning Enablement Program Creation & Development

Case Studies

A Fortune 100 company required thousands of its employees to be trained in the ARIS methodology and turned to Confiance to develop a global eLearning program as an alternative to classroom-based training.

Confiance developed a comprehensive eLearning enablement program for a globally diverse, Fortune 100 energy company that was facilitating a state-of-the-art, client-focused set of modules to introduce the ARIS methodology, ARIS training, and corporate standards throughout the organization. The company sought to promote a predictable learning experience—making effective use of corporate time and resources and foster- ing a rewarding learning experience for its employees.

Confiance believes that our partners play a critical role in the success of our customers. We work closely with industry-leading technology and service partners to provide a holistic solution to our clients.

The Challenge

As a global company, our client performs a diverse set of business activities and employs individuals of different cultures, backgrounds, and educational levels, which make it difficult to implement standard training methodologies. The challenge was to deliver consistent, comprehensive, eLearning training materials around the ARIS platform and methodological approach to a varied audience.

The Solution

Confiance eLearning experts designed a course curriculum that consisted of a logical collection of vibrant, dynamic panels. Using various methods, Confiance developed content to test one’s understanding and perception of course material. This approach would en- able the client to build a user friendly set of eLearning courses designed to t its unique culture. This engagement consisted of four stages:

  • Gathering and understanding existing training mate- rials and corporate ARIS modeling standards.
  • Meeting with key resources to understand and align eLearning goals and objectives in order to transform content.
  • Creating a set of client-approved storyboards led by instructional designers and business process management (BPM consultants).
  • Developing a final eLearning product using state-of- the art technology.

The Result

The business transformation enablement and mentoring initiative was extremely successful and received much praise and positive feedback both from senior management and students. A more consistent set of methods and conventions and team members being mentored in their application and the business modeling process, the client’s models now reflect a higher degree of accuracy, robust business content, and uniformity. The holistic training program also brought a much-needed level of control and order. It is now possible to track all training data. It also affords students, at no additional cost, the ability to revisit/review course material. With consistent client-focused course content, the client has been able to educate its culturally diverse workforce, ensuring a reliable level of understanding and practical applicability. It is now much easier for our client to manage the deployment of BPM and ARIS throughout the organization.


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