Business Transformation Enablement

Case Studies

Confiance was approached by a Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE’s provide a secondary market in home mortgages), one of the largest corporations in the world, to assist them with strategic guidance on how to enable Transformation competency in order to achieve their business transformation objectives.

The Challenge

The existing process landscape was awed and lacked a holistic end-to-end view of corporate operations. Furthermore, business processes were incomplete, duplicated and fragmented. Reuse of process models was not possible and project deliverables were most often used once and then discarded. Lastly, there was no consistent Business Transformation message across the organization.

The Solution

To address the client’s needs, Confiance developed a new integrated process landscape, including end-to-end process value chains.

Confiance established a well de ned set of methodology standards and best practice processes so as to effectively create, quality assure, promote and monitor all process model activity.

Several different types of classroom courses were developed and delivered in conjunction with a series of innovative e-squaredTM e-learning modules.

And lastly, Confiance provided a mentoring and quality assurance service to ensure that deliverables were of high value and quality.

The Result

Our client now is able to effectively conceptualize and communicate how core business processes collaborate within the organization and interact with external entities.

The new process landscape will enable the GSE to easily spin off part/s of its operation and will assist with future M&A activity.

It will also enable the consolidation of fragmented models into one master copy, thus promoting reuse of processes within the organization, providing one ‘source of truth’ and better de ned models in purpose and scope.

The Confiance blended education program (classroom, e-learning & mentoring) will assist the client to send a consistent message across the organization and encourage effective BPM education amongst its employees.


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