BPM Adoption & Education via eLearning

Case Study

Utilizing Confiance’s expertise in eLearning initiatives and BPM, one of the world’s leading international mobile communications companies, was able to implement a custom eLearning solution to shorten the training time of new personnel and improve the effectiveness of its global teams.

Confiance’s eLearning solution increased the effectiveness of the client’s corporate training by targeting the design, development, packaging and delivery of its training program towards its specialized target audiences. The eLearning modules provided a balanced combination of customized and standard eLearning programs, including self-paced assessments and certifications for maximum retention and user flexibility.

The Challenge

As a global company, the communication group needed an eLearning solution that could be customized to all its various business units while retaining standard eLearn- ing programs in order to shorten the training of new personnel and improve the effectiveness of its global teams. The client was also interested in delivering Web compliant courses for integration into it’s University. They wanted to create an environment that promoted the adoption and sustainability of business process management (BPM) as a critical business driver.

The Solution

Confiance worked with the client to create customized eLearning courses for the ARIS BPM Platform with their standards to drive consistent training and adoption across all its business units. Confiance specifically targeted the design, development, packaging and delivery of the client’s training program to relate to the various global audiences.

“Confiance’s eLearning solution allows us to realize the value of our investment in the ARIS Business Process Management platform while helping us communicate the importance of process to our organization,” said a key executive. “This not only enables us to be more innovative, it increases our efficiency by reducing costs and improving our speed to market.”

The Result

Confiance’s eLearning solution enabled the client to roll out consistent training across all its business units and locations using a cost effective, standards based and scalable solution. This comprehensive set of integrated products allows our users to design, model, simulate and optimize business processes to achieve maximum operational efficiency. The eLearning modules easily integrate with the existing technology platforms providing key benefits such as:

  • Packaged course offerings for ARIS, Business Process Analysis (BPA), Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Comprehensive eLearning
  • Instructional design services
  • eLearning development and deployment (graphic design, SCORM standards development and publishing) services
  • Multi-lingual eLearning development


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