Application and Technology Realization

Case Study

Our Client is one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies operating in more than 70 countries, having sales in more than 130 countries and employing over 103,000 employees. They approached Confiance to assist them with the build out of their Enterprise Architecture.

The Challenge

Our client lacked vital information pertaining to their Information Systems. There was no central coordination of information to acquire, cleanse, analyze, filter, rationalize, and recommend business processes, applications, and technology information. Furthermore, every project / investment area required specific information to architect and plan Information Technology (IT) solutions, which were lacking.

The Solution

Confiance assisted with the development of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework with a global Information System (IS) perspective. Confiance also aggregated disparate information sources into an integrated relational view of the IS portfolio using the ARIS repository. Multiple data sources were migrated into the ARIS repository. Confiance further formulated an EA Governance plan to maintain and manage the EA repository and developed several reports to manage the retirement of the application portfolio and the portfolio rationalization process.

Lastly, Confiance developed and delivered EA training courses, provided mentorship and enablement of client resources.

The Result

Our client was able to establish a comprehensive source of truth for their IT portfolio.

IT portfolio data was rationalized providing cleansed information further assisting in the IT decision making process.

The provision of a visual representation of dependencies from business to technology and vice versa enabled our client to gain a better understanding of impact of specific decisions.

Confiance was able to assist the client to ensure a more efficient coordination of resources and information across multiple initiatives within the organization.


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