Can you win with a .345 batting average?

Baseball season is in full swing and the batting champions are emerging after more than half the season.

The two top batters in the Major Leagues are hitting safely 34 to 35 times out of a 100 at bats. How would a 35% success rate impact your organization? Can you afford to have your business processes address only 35% of your key processes?image by keith allison

We all agree on the significance of “repeatable and definable”, the well-known watchwords of process management and the foundation of sustainable superiority in operating efficiency, compliance, risk management, and customer satisfaction. Many of you are probably actively involved in: Business Process Management analysis, Enterprise Architecture mapping, enterprise resource planning systems, and Six Sigma improvement programs. You sleep well at night because it ensures satisfactory SOX compliance, EPA compliance, SEC compliance, FTC compliance, Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau compliance (new), Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, IRS compliance and the related regulatory areas in the European Union, India, and China right?

Most of you know that commitment and reliance on business process management is the only reliable management tool to achieve competitive and superior results with acceptable risk and compliance levels. However, the economy remains recessionary and your board and investors want to conserve operating expenses and capital expenditures. How do you afford the consultants, technology platform extensions, and internal resource commitments to accomplish the original BPM objectives you set last year? Are these expenses an attractive area of temporary spending reductions? It sure looks like it because that is exactly what many of your peers are considering.

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Image by Keith Allison


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