Business Transformation: Avoid the Futility of Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

We regularly see client’s achieve ROI’s of 100% to 1,000% with business transformation projects.

Thinking outside the box requires more than exploring safe, “incremental innovations” — if you want to achieve breakout results. Simply put, realizing dramatic ROI is about avoiding the iceberg — not bickering over how to arrange the deck chairs.

Advantages of Greenfield Analysis:

The O’Reilly-Tushman Innovation Continuum illustrates various types of process improvements. “Incremental innovations” are the small improvements with ROIs of up to 7% based on continuous improvement approaches such as Six Sigma. Dramatic or game-changing ROIs of 1,000% stem from “Discontinuous Innovations”. Understanding the different innovation environments explored in the Greenfield Analysis model brings into focus how to apply the appropriate methods and tools.

OReilly-Tushman Innovation Continuum

O’Reilly-Tushman Innovation Continuum

Greenfield Analysis contrasts three business change starting points: ‘To start from scratch’, or to ‘ignore what currently exists and think up new innovative ways of doing business’, or ‘to brainstorm’. At Confiance, we apply Greenfield Analysis by thinking how our clients perform a process AND also considering the why and how the process relates to their strategic objectives.

Implementing Greenfield Analysis

For a moment, forget the budgets, break all conventions, assume anything is possible; then get the subject matter experts in a room and draw up a process that is super efficient and customer friendly, and probably is completed divorced from reality…. this is the “genius solution”.

To mold this raw brilliance of the “to-be” model into something functionally relevant, we introduce weaknesses previously identified in the “as-is” analysis as well as include best practices where & when appropriate.
For in-depth details of the Greenfield Analysis and the case studies illustrating Discontinuous Innovations that produce ROIs upwards of 1,000%, please read our article “Realizing Dramatic ROI Using Greenfield Analysis”.


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