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28 Mar: Automating the Government Workforce

Automating the Government Workforce In 2018, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) estimated that workloads for 60 percent of federal employees could be cut by 30 percent, and nearly half of all work activities can be automated with existing technology….

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14 Mar: Closing the Data Management Gap in Pharma

Closing the Data Management Gap in Pharma Product and regulatory information play a key role in the strategic direction of businesses in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. However, manufacturing processes and regulatory governance often function in silos, each with…

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18 Oct: Challenging 6 common cloud misperceptions

Challenging 6 common cloud misperceptions The cloud isn’t new, but there are still may misperceptions about it. Simply put, cloud computing means saving and using your company’s files and data online instead of on your computer’s hard drive. However, the…

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27 Sep: Serve your customers better with SaaS

Serve your customers better with SaaS Excellent customer service is the bread and butter of the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, event planners and more must all provide the best customer service in order to stay in business. With the hospitality…

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13 Sep: Automating processes in education

Automating processes in education Public school teachers and administrators face unique challenges on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. Besides helping their students to the best of their ability, they are faced with piles of paperwork, items…