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Teacher and pupil with raised hands at front of school class

13 Sep: Automating processes in education

Automating processes in education Public school teachers and administrators face unique challenges on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. Besides helping their students to the best of their ability, they are faced with piles of paperwork, items…

Young man architect in office

16 Aug: 4 reasons to utilize an enterprise architect

4 reasons to utilize an enterprise architect Every enterprise has architecture, but not every enterprise has an architect. The architecture of a business enterprise includes the building, employees, mission, departments, services or goods, strategy, processes, IT assets and everything else…

Electronics technicians team working on computer parts

26 Jul: 5 reasons to utilize IT portfolio management

5 reasons to utilize IT portfolio management Every company has goals and strategies in place, but they often become disjointed at the department level. This is especially true surrounding IT departments because of the large amount of time, resources and…

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19 Jul: 3 ways chatbots boost business

3 ways chatbots boost business A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence (AI) that communicates with a customer via text or voice. Most communication with chatbots are in text messaging apps. Chatbots have received flack over the…

Couple using laptop together

12 Jul: RPA as a service: Bot as a Service

RPA as a Service: Bot as a Service A bot is defined as a configurable piece of software that is typically used to execute repeatable, structured human activities. It is most commonly built using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools. This definition…

Metal Lathe Operator

28 Jun: 5 ways RPA improves the manufacturing industry

5 ways RPA improves the manufacturing industry While some manufacturing businesses are integrating robots on the factory floor, a different kind of robot is increasingly useful in other areas, such as the office. These robots are essentially algorithms that perform…

Elderly couple planning on life insurance plan

21 Jun: 5 ways RPA improves the insurance industry

5 WAYS RPA IMPROVES THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY Insurance agencies are always looking for ways to improve their customer service. The “customer-first” mentality is often short-changed by the ever-present need to enter various kinds of data into the computer for customers….

Process engineer

14 Jun: RPA as a Service: RPA Platform Management

RPA as a Service: RPA PLATFORM MANAGEMENT The RPA market continues to mature and gain traction, but at the same it continues to become more confusing with different types of automation technologies and vendors entering the space. The RPA technologies, like all…


29 May: 5 Uses for RPA in the Banking Industry

5 Uses for RPA in the Banking Industry Banks are always finding ways to deliver the best possible experience to their customers. Whether it’s by streamlining internal processes or automating customer service requests, the ability to remain competitive is always…