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05 Jan: EA Foundation for the Cloud

If you are a CIO, CTO, or Enterprise Architect you are probably in the vanguard within your organization in your understanding of “cloud computing” as a enterprise capability for the organization.. Now more than ever these functional roles are focused…

05 Jan: Cloud- Operations Design

There is a lot of focus on the technology aspects of the Cloud and the game-changing potential for enterprises. Disappointingly, there is far less discussion on how the deployment of Cloud IT infrastructure and applications affect an organization’s human capital….

05 Jan: Process Anyone?

The continuing shift in technology primarily driven by mobile, social and cloud continues to drive changes in the future of the process landscape. Whether your process objectives have been focused on establishment of process as a strategic discipline, driving customer…

05 Jan: The Life Sciences Cloud

Both business and IT stakeholders of Life Sciences organizations are realizing benefits of cloud computing through SAAS solutions like Workday, Salesforce, Veeva and other service providers. However, they continue to be challenged when trying to establish on-demand infrastructure, software, and…