6 Steps to Build Your RPA Center of Excellence

6 Steps to Build Your RPA Center of Excellence

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So you’ve seen the light and now you’re ready to start your RPA journey. But, before you jump in, it’s important you and your team understand how the new system works and its benefits.

RPA is the on-ramp on the intelligent automation spectrum. With the right training, you’ll have the competency to use more advanced technologies in the future. That’s where the RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) comes in.

The CoE is a group of people tasked with helping your company establish methods, tools, services and governance required to successfully scale RPA. It’s organized around specific business objectives and defines strategies for expanding RPA across the enterprise to achieve ideal business outcomes.

It’s important to follow these six steps to ensure the success of your CoE:

    1. Learn the technology. Establish organizational capabilities and gain the right experience to make better informed decisions.
    2. Set up a formal governance structure. Define operational measures, performance roles and support needed to manage the program.
    3. Define your operational model. It’s critical to standardize testing and deployment across multiple business units by bringing all parts of RPA and the CoE models together.
    4. Focus on business outcomes. Organize your CoE around important organizational objectives. How can RPA support your overall strategy as a complementary tool to business process management (BPM), artificial intelligence, voice and chat technologies and machine learning?
    5. Address every aspect of implementation. Assess the right tasks for automation, engage all stakeholders, identify predefined processes and methods to build, deploy and manage bots.
    6. Establish a service delivery model. Once the bots are deployed, you’ll want to ensure the digital workforce is working correctly and you have a system that will troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

The goal is to have a cross-functional team of full-time employees and digital workers to work on the automation life cycle as a whole.

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