3 Ways to Maximize Business Growth with IT

3 Ways to Maximize Business Growth with IT

Cloud concept made of paperclips linked to devicesFor many, the new year is the perfect time to set personal goals for the next 12 months. Maybe it’s to eat healthier, do more traveling, get a promotion at work or finish a project you’ve been talking about for years. For businesses, it’s about enhancing communication, building brand awareness, growing profits and increasing productivity.

Setting goals that are key to the company’s growth over the year and figuring out exactly how to achieve those objectives is no easy feat. With effective and efficient IT operations, you can enable governance, compliance and management strategies that transforms your technology systems to be proactive and strategic. Here are three ways to drive business growth by maximizing your existing technology investments:


  1. Automate processes

Start incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into a range of applications to complete complex tasks. Tools such as chatbots and conversational agents can be integrated into service channels to engage customers on multiple channels for a more seamless service experience. Using robotic process automation (RPA) can save time on time-consuming manual tasks such as monthly ledger allocations, payable distributions, data migration and processing, file transfers and even loan onboarding. Businesses of all sizes are now benefiting from automation solutions across logistics, e-commerce, shipping, finance, operations, HR and more.

  1. Embrace cloud

Transitioning to the cloud or between cloud environments has become a focus for many enterprises to enhance agility, speed and operational productivity. It’s also an important step in reimagining your business as part of a larger digital transformation. Moving workloads to the cloud reduces the demand on hardware resources and management costs. And, with a number of solutions on the market, your organization will experience faster deployment for apps and services, enhanced security features and greater flexibility for staff. Cloud migration is vital for peak performance and efficiency.

  1. Manage your portfolio of projects

IT portfolio management drives better business decisions. Portfolio managers identify gaps in current and future applications to determine which projects have a low return on investment, and prioritize projects with the greatest value. It also allows your company to understand the needs of specific projects before starting implementation, and allocating resources in the most efficient way. Additionally, your organization gains value by having an ongoing relationship with a partner that understands your business needs. You’ll notice governance, workflow and collaboration improve with an effective management program in place.

Technological changes will always have an impact on your IT department. It’s important to recognize that your company’s IT infrastructure should be utilized to drive business innovation, not just support business functions. With a growing use of more complex technologies entering many industries, leaders that lean on IT to transform their business will remain competitive. Work with a team of experts that will help you identify areas of highest impact and benefit, and select the right tools to reach targeted business goals.

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