Comprehensive education and training programs are essential for clients to achieve and sustain successful implementation of Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Cloud initiatives while simultaneously implementing or changing technology platforms. Our education and training solutions are delivered through a combination of on-site training, mentorship and e-Learning. Leveraging the appropriate blend of these services provides the tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

On-site Training

Effective, measurable and results-oriented training is required to effectively understand, propagate and implement technologies and capabilities such as BPM, EA and Cloud in an organization. Our instructors are great educators, and have practical experience in delivering transformation projects. They understand these approaches are necessary and essential for our clients to meet corporate goals — and that strong knowledge and expertise are critical to achieving measured results.

Through classroom training we cover both concepts as well as technology platforms that enable companies to realize adoption and sustainment of transformation. Read Case Study

Virtual Training

To meet today’s challenges of having a global workforce Confiance offers virtual training of key BPM, EA, and Process Based Execution concepts and technology platforms through our instructor-led training which allows for diverse audience participation and saves time and expenses associated with travel.


Corporate training is now becoming a key differentiator to improve business performance and sustain transformation in today’s competitive marketplace. e-Learning is a cost-effective training platform that organizations leverage across functions and geographic locations. e-Learning increases the effectiveness of corporate training by targeting the design, development, packaging and delivery of any training program towards a specialized target audience.

Confiance understands that enabling organizations to meet today’s business drivers is of paramount importance. Consequently we developed e² squared™ (e-Learning Enablement) in which organizations can leverage a cost effective, scalable e-Learning solution consisting of methods, best practices and instructional design coupled with a given technology platform. Read Case Study


Organizations frequently are challenged with implementing BPM, EA or Process Based Execution initiatives. Most are already overworked or lack new skill sets that are required to execute a successful project. This can lead to a failed initiative or less than adequate results.

Through a collaborative approach we work hand in hand with you to initiate your project, insure you are on the right track, and tackle any obstacles you may encounter. Upon completion you will have the skills and confidence on your road to self-sufficiency. Read Case Study

Sample flexible Mentorship approaches include:

  • One on One Individual coaching
  • Dedicated phone support
  • Facilitation support
  • Project augmentation in any capacity
  • User focused training reinforcement
  • Executive Management guidance