As enterprises realize that disciplines such as enterprise architecture, managing IT programs and portfolios, IT demand and services are all inter-related, there is an appreciation to adopt a technology transformation platform that solves these challenges. Our services to support Alfabet, the Software AG Business & IT Transformation Platform are:

Alfabet Starter Pack:
This set of services is aimed to help clients who are beginning their journey with Alfabet. It covers everything from installation, workshops, configuration, initial uses, loading initial data sets and early integration. The goal of this service is to get clients up and running successfully with Alfabet.

Alfabet Technical Services:
Our technical services cover items from installation, integration with complementary disciplines from CMDB, IT Service Management, IT Project Management, Business Process Analysis and tools like ServiceNow, ARIS and others. The goal of this service is to ensure successful technical realization of their business goals.

Alfabet Managed Services:
Our Managed services are built to help clients maximize their investment in the Alfabet platform while delivering quality services at cost effective prices. Our services cover everything such as remote installation, configuration, administration (technical and functional) and helpdesk.

Let us run and manage your environment in AWS. Leverage our expertise to set up a secure interoperable Alfabet environment in AWS.

Alfabet Solutions
Apply our industry and solution expertise to solve business & IT use cases with Alfabet. With our experience and expertise, you will be able to address the following scenarios:

  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Demand Management
  • Cloud Planning & Assessment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Contact us to learn more on how we can help you implement, adopt and realize value with Alfabet.