Social Analytics Services

Whether you are a commercial enterprise, government organization or educational institution you have a need for location based intelligence and social media.  The need of the hour is collect, analyze and take action in both a timely manner with predictable outcomes. 

Our expert services cover everything from platform execution to deriving value and results from social and content analytics.


We apply our expertise and experience in enterprise technology implementations to support the realization of Geofeedia in your organizations.  Our services will enable you to implement a stand-alone solution or integrate with existing enterprise solutions like sales and marketing platforms, and business intelligence solutions. By leveraging our proven methodology and experts you can be up and running  in a very short time. Specifically we deliver the following:

·       Implementation

·       Training

·       Mentorship


Managed Services

Our managed services are built to help our customers derive value and drive adoption of their Geofeedia investment. We provide turnkey solutions to all aspects of implementation to monitoring. Our advanced analytical teams help analyze and apply social media information for everything from addressing security needs, to delivering better customer experiences, depending on the depth and breadth of our customers needs. Our managed capabilities ensure even fully committed teams can proactively address social media threats and protect their information.


Social & Content Analytic Solutions

Our professional services teams are here to work with our customers to help realize the following goals through Geofeedia:

·        Enterprise Security Assessment & Prevention

·        Improve Customer Experience

·        University Campus Security and Experience

·        Citizen Engagement & Safety

·        Sales Planning & Forecasting

·        Theft, Impersonations, Fraud Assessment & Prevention

Whether it is a project that is looking to understand vulnerabilities or improve citizen safety and enhance the customer engagement our team uses a proven transformation methodology (Confiance Transformation Frameworksm) to deliver results.