Thinking outside of the box, challenging the norm, and providing innovation that can be pragmatically implemented to yield tangible results. Confiance offers perspectives and services that can give you new insights on how to drive business transformation initiatives in your organization.

Confiance’s thought leadership culminates in a wide spectrum of services built on our intellectual property that has been proven at numerous client sites. We also strongly support the active exchange of ideas in a variety of mediums to articulate our approaches and results including:


Approaches we have developed to get a transformation off the ground while improving the odds for success.


We continue to share new insights and experiences, and you provide your thoughts and feedback.


We regularly present webinars as a way to highlight best practices examples with certain clients, or to introduce transformation topics in an interactive environment.

Case Studies

Theory is nice, but does this approach really work? Case studies assist in understanding the various issues and how they were addressed in a particular setting. You learn from others experience, saving time and avoiding being a consultant’s test platform for their favorite untested theory.

White Papers

We periodically find a topic that deserves exploration, and our consultants use a particular experience to either broaden to related topics, or choose to dive deeper to further explore the implications of certain technologies and methodologies.

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