Service industries provide value to other businesses and consumers, with a focus on people interacting with people rather than transforming physical goods. As the fastest and the largest sector of the economy, some of the challenges faced by the service providers are unique. Whether you are in media and communications, healthcare, legal services, or hospitality — the essential questions remain the same – how do you ensure quality of service, manage variable patterns of costs, scale effectively, and differentiate against competition? With the CTF (Confiance Transformation Framework℠) and process-orientation to transformation we help organizations address these challenges.A sample of our representative experience includes:


  • Planned and implemented a business process competency center in support of a Media & Communications organization
  • Worked with the Customer Service business unit of a Media & Communications organization to structure a continuous improvement methodology and business process competency
  • Assisted the New York Department of Health (NYDOH) to document and analyze enterprise architecture artifacts to support ongoing initiatives for business and IT transformation
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