Best of the Cloud Articles and Discussions: Week of 7/12/13

Welcome to our “Best of the Web” Articles and Discussions Blog. We are participants in the rapidly growing Cloud Computing marketplace, and we follow with interest those individuals and discussion groups who are actively expanding our community’s knowledge and understanding. To put a “smaller than a toaster, larger than a bread basket” sense of scale on the marketplace, Forrester estimated the Cloud to grow from $25.5B in 2011 to $159.3B in 2020. We are paying attention. We invite you to take advantage of our search for truth and new ideas, as we will post once a week the articles and blog discussions that really caught our attention. They are organized by week, and you can click on the week entry listed below to browse the individual listings.

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Articles and Discussions for the week of June 28, 2013

  • 3 surefire ways to fail in the cloud: 1) No security, governance, and compliance training, 2) Selecting the wrong cloud technology or provider, and 3) Selecting the wrong application or data. Cloud Computing
  • The cloud privacy wars are coming:: With the recent NSA blowback in Europe, we will likely see the privacy battles heat up in the United States as well. Cloud Computing
  • The Mobile Gold Rush Has Just Begun: The two things that stick out like a sore thumb are that by this measure, print is enormously overvalued (6% of time, 23% of ad dollars) and mobile is enormously undervalued (12% of time, 3% of ad dollars). CloudAve
  • The Rise of the Cloud Stack: Something changed this week in the enterprise software world. In an industry known for ruthless competition, a number of players – Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and NetSuite – introduced partnerships that portend a very different future. CloudAve